Want to make sure times tables are being learnt properly in your school?
Welcome to Times Too.
An online learning platform that supports existing classroom practice, Times Too helps place a real emphasis on learning times tables.
Want a simple way to see how children are doing with their times tables?
Track progress with ease.
As children practise and take tests on Times Too, all that data is collated for teachers to review and use in their planning.
Want to make sure that children are rewarded for achievement and effort?
Hard work = certificates.
Times Too provides certificates for practising as well as passing tests. That way children are rewarded for working hard to learn their tables whatever level they are at.
Want to let children practise their tables whenever they want to?
Log on from home.
To encourage children to work on their times tables at any time they can log on at home. With engaging graphics and simple games, children just love playing with Times Too!
Want to show children how they can work answers out themselves?
Help with wrong answers.
If a child gets a question wrong, Times Too provides hints and tips to help them work out the answer. Questions are always asked again later to reinforce that learning.
Want us to just show you a quick video on how Times Too actually works?
Watch and learn.
Covering practice sessions, tests and certificates this 2 minute walkthrough will show you just what Times Too is all about. You can also take a look at all our videos here.

For teachers

for teachers
  • Children learn quickly and efficiently
  • Supports primary National Strategy
  • Teaches children while they practise
  • Motivates and enthuses children

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For parents

for parents
  • See your child’s confidence develop
  • Know what children need to learn next
  • Find out how to support your child
  • Practise times tables from home

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For children

for children
  • Earn certificates by practising
  • Compete against your friends
  • Play games to practise your tables
  • Enjoy maths more and learn quicker

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How Times Too helps children learn

At its heart Times Too provides a simple, progressive set of stages that help guide a child through learning their tables. Starting in early years with 5s and 10s, the process takes them through standard questions, then commutative and division facts, moving on to the rest of the tables. Times Too provides a fun environment for a child to practise their tables – both their existing knowledge and what they are currently learning. Teachers choose when a child is ready to take a test before moving onto the next stage. As children practise, Times Too constantly teaches new facts and concepts, using images and graphics to reinforce this new learning.


The site engages children through the use of simple games and challenges that are all times table based, actively encouraging them to practise and learn.

What else Times Too offers a school

In school, Times Too can provide reports for teachers and school leaders to see how children are progressing with their tables as they move through the school. It also personalises a child’s practice session, tailoring the questions to address areas that need strengthening as well as providing learning aids to guide and assist when a child gets a question wrong.

Benefits outside of school

Times Too provides email newsletters to parents telling them how their children are doing and how they can help support the teaching in school by using the same language and methods at home. Children can also practise at home, giving them even more opportunity to learn to love times tables!

Simple but effective

We’ve designed it to be simple, both for teachers to set up and use and for children to practise and be tested. After all, there’s nothing wrong with doing one simple thing and doing it right!


Behind that simplicity though lies a full set of features that provide an effective way for children to learn and improve their multiplication skills.

Free for a class. £10 per month, per school

We want to encourage and promote learning for times tables, so we’ve developed a pricing plan that allows you to use Times Too with a single class for free and then charges just £10 per month when you want to use it with more than one class. So, you can try it out for free and upgrade when you’re ready.

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