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Learning your times tables counts for more than just passing a test at school. You need to know your tables if you are ever going to progress with maths – fractions, area, division and a whole lot more rely on you knowing your tables. The good news is that once you’ve learnt them you’re going to find maths a lot easier!

We know that trying to learn your tables can be hard work. That’s where Times Too can help you out as it will actually help you learn your tables quicker and better. What’s more, we’ve done everything we can to make it fun!


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How learning times tables can be fun

The key to making something easy to learn is to make it fun to do. That's why we've added some games and a sporting theme into Times Too to help you enjoy yourself while you're learning your times tables.


When it comes to taking a test and showing you know your stuff, you can race characters against the clock to win and move on to the next level.

What you can do with Times Too

  • Earn certificates by practising and doing well.
  • Play different games to practise your tables.
  • Work from home to improve your skills

How Times Too actually helps you

As well as making learning your times tables fun, Times Too uses the same words and phrases that you use in the classroom. That way, whether you are playing a game online at home, or using Times Too in the IT suite, you can take what you already know and use it straight away.


As you learn more and more, Times Too is on hand to help you remember what you've already learned as well as testing you on the new stuff too. That means you'll quickly learn all of your times tables and the other maths will get easier too.


If you think this sounds like a good idea, then tell your teacher and they can try it out in your school and you'll soon learn to love times tables!

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