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All teachers know that as children progress through the primary phase of their school career the mathematics they encounter increasingly relies on a knowledge of times tables. Simply put, children who know their times tables make quicker progress in maths; and this is where Times Too comes in!

Times Too manages the whole process of children learning their times tables and associated number facts. Think of it as an extra teacher in your class who has responsibility for assessing, testing, marking, setting homework, liaising with parents and planning the next steps for every child learning tables in your school.

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Adapts to a child's learning

You create an account for every child in your class and they log on and practise. Because Times Too is web based children can log on at home or at school. As children use Times Too, it presents associated number facts to help consolidate their existing knowledge. When a child makes a mistake, Times Too presents models and images so they can self-correct. Each child’s strengths and weaknesses are constantly being learnt by Times Too, tailoring sessions to their needs and ensuring each child progresses as quickly as possible. Each practice session earns a credit for a child which counts towards achievement certificates which are automatically generated for you to give out in assemblies.

All information is secured

Even though Times Too is an online service, you can rest assured that all children's data is safe and sound. We use the same technology that eCommerce sites use to protect the data we collect, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your school's information is only accessible by you.

No fuss and no paperwork!

You decide when children in your class can log on and sit a test. Children on Times Too work up a ladder of times tables. To progress up the ladder, they must pass tests. Successful children are rewarded with certificates and positive emails home, whilst children who slip up will find their practice sessions tailored to ‘plug the gaps’. All parents can receive an email or print out showing how they can prepare their child for the next rung of the ladder. All this practising and testing produces valuable data which you can then use to help plan lessons. Times Too will tell you where the gaps are in your class. The whole process of teaching and learning times tables is streamlined and tailored to the needs of individual children – there really is no fuss and no paperwork!

Free for a class. £10 per month, per school

You can sign up today for free with a single class and try it out. You'll find it's really easy to get a class up and running in no time at all. When you want to add more classes, Times Too costs a flat fee of £10 a month for the whole school.

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